You own the Aircraft, We manage your Aircraft.

Our Aircraft management services are offered in two categories,

  • Charter aircraft management

Charter aircraft management services offer charter opportunities for the client’s aircraft, while client maintain the operations of the aircraft. Through this management service, client would have the potential of generating revenue by utilizing unused time of the aircraft. Before an aircraft is to be chartered, the aircraft would have to be approved for a charter certificate.

  • Turnkey aircraft management.

Turnkey aircraft management is the total management of the private aircraft. This is a full-management service in which the client transfers operational responsibilities to the Avis. All day-to-day activities to maintain the aircraft are provided by Avis. These services include supervising technical services such as maintenance and repairs, crew management such as hiring and payroll, training for crew personnel, security for the aircraft and travellers, and making sure DGCA compliances are met. Trip planning as well as accounting to streamline the aircraft’s financial management are also included in the services.

Aircraft owners obtaining the services of turnkey aircraft management, also could turn a company’s asset into revenue by charting the aircraft when not in use with the approved charter certificate.